When I used garageband

I used a Mac before jumping into a Pc last year. My youngest son gave me his old gaming Pc so my grandson and I can chat and play games together. On the Pc I have been using FL Studio Producer Edition to be honest it’s quite overwhelming coming from GarageBand.

There are so many bells and whistles, buttons, and sliders.. oh my!

I been using FL Studio for about 75 days mostly working on loops of piano melodies and some beats. Below is my playlist and the struggle(lol) on YouTube. This is number 13 of the 207+ tracks I created.

When I wake up at 6:00- 7:00 UTC, the first thing I do is starting a nice pot of coffee. Next, I Turn on the Pc and open FL Studio, and I click away to whatever popped in my head.

Sharing any of them is scary with not having any music theory. What I think sounds good might not be the correct way and they might not sound good to you. I have no keyboard everything is drawn in using the mouse, not having an actual keyboard to sit in-front of and practice makes it hard.

Maybe I will render and share a few more loops out of the 207 I created? If anyone is reading this, What do think? Should I share more?

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