Month-to-Month Lease

Update: 07/29/2021 4:35PM

We just got home from rheumatoid arthritis doctor and it started to pour down rain. OMG! the roof repair that was done on the 27th did not fix the problem. The roof is still leaking.

Update: 07/27/2021 07:15AM

The maintenance man done some work on the soffit and fascia on Saturday 24, 2021. Now we wait for it to rain, in hopes it does not leak anymore.

Update: 07/18/2021 10:15AM

Made another call to the landlord this morning about the leak yesterday evening to find out if it’s going to get worked on today. I got the answering machine.

I believe the trouble between us and the landlord started when I called her the very first time in 2020. This was about the door to enter the apartment needed replaced because someone had previously kicked the door in. We were told by one person that the daughter of the landlord lived here and that her boyfriend kicked the door in, then we heard that it was a home invasion, some people kicked the door in and beat-up the daughter and boyfriend. All over drugs. It’s been down hill ever since.

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Among the ugliness

Among the ugliness that continues to grow around the globe.
Grows something beautiful somewhere.


Guy with many faces


I never seen this type of bee before. Is it a bee? It was pretty hard to get a photo, he was quick and didn’t stay on one flower for a long time. Kind of reminds me of a hummingbird.

Day 91

Update: Today, day 94 I add to the melody in the video below.

Here are two of my loops, out of the two hundred ninety one Three Hundred an Four I created so far using FL Studio 20 Producer Edition. My wife picked these two that I did the morning and wanted me to add more of the ones she liked.

Huh? What?

She must CRAZY!?

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Day 93

Ninety Three days in FL Studio Producer Edition! I now have 301 loops. Never thought I would have this many. WOW! Here is number 301.