Light meets darkness

I started to write this little story about light painting a few years ago. I’m heading west through the forest with my trusty horse Oscar. Two hours until I reach my friends’ camp on the banks of the Juniata River. The family has been operating a fishing vessel there for many years. The Narrows. The […]


I’m really not sure if this is a Dandelion I never saw one quite this big at roughly 10″-13″ round.

It’s Monday.

It’s Monday. Hey, how are things going? This one I made yesterday when I had a rough start to my day. Hey, I have a question. I always thought that in a relationship one was to talk about things with their spouse. Am I not right about this? If not, When did this all change?

Disappearing Bird

What I didn’t take notice too was the bird that flies through the scene disappears for a moment and then reappeared continuing to the left through the scene.

Leaking Roof

Update: 12/30/2021 5:50PM The landlord had to pay to get a new rubber roof put on, so far no leaks!

Stuffed Crust Pizza

Normally Friday is pizza day, but today I made a stuffed crust pizza with pepperoni and bacon.

It’s been over a year

It’s been over a year since I told the landlord about the roof leaking. Taking our money, and having some wanna be roofer to repair it and probably ripping the landlord off.


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