For supper, Stromboli.

She doesn’t feel like eating pizza for dinner. I asked her, So what would you like? How about a Stromboli? She asks.

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Among the ugliness

Among the ugliness that continues to grow around the globe.
Grows something beautiful somewhere.


Guy with many faces


I never seen this type of bee before. Is it a bee? It was pretty hard to get a photo, he was quick and didn’t stay on one flower for a long time. Kind of reminds me of a hummingbird.

Day 93

Ninety Three days in FL Studio Producer Edition! I now have 301 loops. Never thought I would have this many. WOW! Here is number 301.

The stowaway

I had this stowaway grasping onto his/her food, while gripping on the windshield going down the highway at 55mph for 4 miles.