I can bake

Yes, I can bake. I got hungry for something and it doesn’t matter if you call them Gobs or Whoopie pies.

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When I used garageband

I used a Mac before jumping into a Pc last year. My youngest son gave me his old gaming Pc so my grandson and I can chat and play games together. On the Pc I have been using FL Studio Producer Edition to be honest it’s quite overwhelming coming from GarageBand.

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Dancing Bubbles

Following the evening showers, the clouds exploded outwards and upwards. Blues and Purples, Oranges and Reds.

Searching, high and low for each other as the light warm wind whispered across the land, bringing them together for one last time.

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Local swimming hole

We had taken our grandson Oscar to the local swimming hole in Lykens on Monday. He made a new friend and they had a blast.

Paint will NOT hide the order of cat or dog urine!

Paint will NOT hide the order of cat or dog urine! If the floor has been painted Option 2 will not work! You have two options.

Option 1) Tear up your carpet. Tear out the wood flooring and put NEW wood down. Strip/remove the paint .
Option 2) This is a multistep process and will take most of the day to get done after you rip out the carpet in your bedroom or any other room.

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