No more imac

After using an iMac for the last 18 years I made the switch back to using a PC. For one Apple is just too expensive and I haven’t had a paycheck in over 10 years so my current budget does not allow me to upgrade my mid 2010 iMac to something newer. And two, the PC I got was FREE, my son gave me his old gaming PC all I had to get was keyboard and monitor.

Together WE GOT THIS!

This started out as a drawing the other night while my wife was in the shower. If I can reach $1,000.00 in sales, I will donate 25% to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

Keep The Faith

In todays world we need to “Keep The Faith” to get us through this rough time.

These are kissing fish – T-shirt

These are kissing fish T-shirt is made from 100% cotton and features a relaxed fit for the female shape!

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