Leaking Roof

Update: 10/15/2021 4:21PM The roof is still leaking, and the landlord calls yesterday evening just to insult my wife and get her upset. So I called her back and asked when the roof is getting fixed? She replied, “I had six roofing companies look at it, and none of them got back to me with a price. They want me to pay $4,000 for…

It’s been over a year

It’s been over a year since I told the landlord about the roof leaking. Taking our money, and having some wanna be roofer to repair it and probably ripping the landlord off.

Local swimming hole

We had taken our grandson Oscar to the local swimming hole in Lykens on Monday. He made a new friend and they had a blast.

Curry chicken

Curry chicken in coconut milk is one of my favorite new foods to have for supper.