Methodist Episcopal Church

The Methodist Episcopal Church on Pottsville St. in Wiconisco, Pa.

pink hula

These we used a hula hoop that was covered with holographic paper, inside I added about 8.5 feet of white led strip.

Still working on the light below which is made from two yellow tubes from the insides of a tubular squirt gun, the red is Tie Dyed wax paper inside a 1 foot piece of clear tube.


Not sure what type of mushroom this is?



I just about stepped on it!

I was walking along Rattling Creek when I saw it sitting there just looking up at me. I’m surprised he hadn’t jumped because I didn’t take notice of it when I passed it the first time, it wasn’t until I turned around and looked down that’s when I noticed it. When I moved to get another shot, that’s when he decided to leap into the water.

Tiny B

EOS M6 Mark II with Photodiox Pro Nikon EOS-M adapter and Nikon 60mm f2.8 macro lens.