Leaking Roof

Update: 10/15/2021 4:21PM

The roof is still leaking, and the landlord calls yesterday evening just to insult my wife and get her upset. So I called her back and asked when the roof is getting fixed?

She replied, “I had six roofing companies look at it, and none of them got back to me with a price. They want me to pay $4,000 for a rubber roof, I’m not paying that. Maybe the job is too small, and the price of materials.”

This is how it is, she told us she just put a new roof on a year before we moved in, and she wasn’t paying for a new roof. Slumlord that’s what she is! I guarantee you if she was forced to live here it would get fixed, along with all the other issues not mentioned in this post.

Update: 09/01/2021 4:21PM

Today we now have leaks in front of the stove and sink. We also have two spots on our living room ceiling and one of them just started dripping. I had to call the landlord to keep her informed about the new leaks. The landlord is getting a new roof so she says. She waiting for the estimate from the company who looked at the roof on Monday.

Now we just wait for the ceiling to fall either in the kitchen or livingroom.

This sad.

Update: 08/27/2021 8:16PM

Is this ever going to get fixed? We just got back from visiting my brother-in-law who is in Hospice. I walked into the kitchen and stepped in a puddle of water.

I turned the light on and discovered our kitchen table, half the kitchen floor, and the bathroom floor was soaking wet. So I called the landlord to tell her about it.

Once again it’s that same old song and dance of he said, she said. It must be nice to take an honest person’s money and treat them like trash while you are sitting in a nice dry home.

Update: 08/15/2021 5:26PM

The repair that they did, did not work. This past Friday’s storm we had water leaking in the center of the kitchen, that’s a new spot. Fml

Update: 08/02/2021 11:00AM

Materials are going to be delivered on Friday to repair the roof.

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